United Kingdom leads the way in making cash contribution to the second programme of EDCTP

Published on 21 June 2013

The Medical Research Council (MRC) representing The United Kingdom, one of the 16 European countries participating in EDCTP, has made an advance cash contribution to the second programme of EDCTP (EDCTP2) of 2 million Euros. This transfer of cash funds by the United Kingdom is the first concrete step towards fulfilling the commitments expressed by many participating countries and prospective partners at the High-Level Conference on EDCTP in Cape Town on 5 November 2012.

In his presentation at the conference, Professor Sir John Savill, Chief Executive of MRC, said that “EDCTP enables the UK funders, MRC and DFID, to deliver our strategy of supporting late-phase trials for the development of new interventions through partnership with funders across Europe, with the European Commission and through partnership with African scientists.”

The timely action clearly demonstrates the commitment of the United Kingdom towards EDCTP. It is also heartening to note that all current EDCTP European member states are already developing their annual work plans for the next EDCTP programme for 2014 and beyond. Jointly, the current member states pledged commitments amounting to approximately 600 million Euros.

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