Towards EDCTP2

Preparations for the second EDCTP programme

Preparations are well underway for the proposed second phase of the EDCTP Programme (EDCTP2), which is expected to start in May 2014 as part of Horizon 2020. EDCTP2 cannot officially commence, nor launch any Calls for Proposals, before the legislative procedure is completed.

The programme will be established by ordinary legislation under Article 185 of the European Union Treaty. This article enables the European Union to participate in programmes undertaken by Member States. On 10 July 2013, the European Commission adopted a legislative proposal for EDCTP2. This was subsequently considered by the European Union Competitiveness Council, which agreed on a common position on the package of Article 185/187 initiatives, including EDCTP2, on 3 December 2013. The legislative proposal for EDCTP2 is currently being discussed by the European Parliament and Council. Final adoption of the co-decision for the EDCTP2 programme is expected in late April 2014.

Call for proposals

In the meantime, EDCTP is in the process of preparing the EDCTP2 workplan for 2014-2015. The plan will outline the core activities and calls for proposals of the first two years of the programme. The workplan for 2014-2015 and the associated calls for proposals are scheduled to be published in May/June 2014.

The calls for proposals will follow the Horizon 2020 Rules for Participation, although there will be some specific deviations for EDCTP2.

It is anticipated that the calls for proposals for 2014-2015 will include broad topics in clinical research as well as various types of fellowships.

Scope of EDCTP2

The EDCTP2 programme will continue to support the clinical development of new or improved diagnostics, drugs, vaccines and microbicides against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria. In addition, EDCTP2 will include support to studies on neglected infectious diseases (NIDs) as defined in the WHO list of 17 NIDs (except Chagas disease).

All stages of clinical trials will be supported, from phase I to IV, though the main focus will be on phase II and III clinical trials.

EDCTP2 will continue to promote and support:

  • Multicentre projects that combine clinical trials, capacity building and networking
  • Capacity development for clinical trials and clinical research in developing countries
  • Closer collaboration with industry, like-minded product development partners and funding or development agencies.

The geographical focus of EDCTP2’s activities will remain on sub-Saharan Africa, although collaborative research with other developing countries outside sub-Saharan Africa could be envisioned when possible and desirable.

Further information

If you would like any further information on the preparations for EDCTP2, please contact the EDCTP Secretariat.