Review and Evaluation

Independent external evaluation report of EDCTP (2009)

The Independent external evaluation report of the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP programme) was published on 14 December 2009.

After a first independent external review in 2007, a second evaluation was due at the end of the first five years of the Programme. At the request of the European Commission this independent external evaluation was conducted between June and December 2009.

The Independent External Evaluation panel analyzed the documentation available, held seven meetings and conducted interviews with representatives from the Commission services, from Permanent Representations and from one pharmaceutical company. In depth discussions took place with the Executive Director, the Chairperson of the General Assembly and members of the various EDCTP bodies as well as organizations in contact with the EDCTP. A special questionnaire was addressed to researchers working with EDCTP. Additional information was gathered during a site visit to the EDCTP Cape Town Office, at the EDCTP Forum in Arusha (October 2009) and through a case study conducted in Burkina Faso.

Internal Assessment of the 2003-2009 EDCTP Programme (2009)

In 2009, the Swiss Centre for International Health (SCIH) of the Swiss Tropical Institute was mandated by EDCTP to conduct an internal assessment on stakeholder group perceptions and expectations related to the EDCTP programme.

The aim of the internal assessment was to identify the limitations and progress made regarding the establishment of genuine partnerships between European member states and African counterparts, capacity development, networking, research and development (R&D) and regulatory frameworks. The assessment was commissioned in view of preparing the ground for the continuation of the programme beyond 2010 after the initial funding phase 2003-2009.

The methodology used for the Internal Assessment was based on a three-fold approach consisting of

  1. Review of key documents
  2. Online questionnaire targeting the perspectives of stakeholder
    group representatives
  3. Telephone interviews to further detail and analyse stakeholder opinions.

Representatives from all stakeholder groups consisting of African & European applicants, African & European researcher/University staff, African & European regional networks, EDCTP supported regional networks of excellence, EDCTP constituent members, African & European governmental bodies, third party funding bodies and the private sector were contacted by either questionnaire or telephone.