In order to promote integration and synergy in research, applicants submitting proposals for EDCTP funding, are normally required to apply for cofunding for their proposed projects from other parties in addition to EDCTP. EDCTP recognises three different sources of cofunding:

  • EDCTP EEIG Member States
  • African institutions
  • Third-parties

Researchers applying for calls for proposals are required to secure cofunding from at least two European Member States. In addition EDCTP encourages applicants to raise funds from third-parties and to identify and quantify any funding received from African sources such as institutional support.

Cofunding from EDCTP-EEIG member states
The EDCTP-EEIG Member States (MS) have committed to contribute at least € 200 million in cofunding to the EDCTP programme from 2003-2015. Each proposal submitted in response to a Call where cofunding is a prerequisite, requires the funding participation of at least two different EDCTP-EEIG Member States. All European collaborators in a proposal, including those working in sub-Saharan African countries, must each apply for European cofunding. Please note that each Member State has different rules relating to the type and amount of funding available and eligibility criteria. In the majority of cases, Member State cofunding is only available to researchers employed by, or with a formal association with, public institutions, such as universities or institutes in the Member State concerned. However, some Member States provide cofunding specifically for African researchers and others provide unconditional cofunding directly to an EDCTP ‘common pot’. Please contact the relevant Deputy GA member or the EDCTP Networking team to discuss the possible options for obtaining cofunding (info[at]

Role of the Deputy GA member
Each EDCTP-EEIG Member State has appointed a Deputy GA member (DGA) to EDCTP. Each DGA has in-depth knowledge of their national research programme and funding procedures and is informed of the cofunding opportunities in his or her country. They are able to advise on how to obtain cofunding from their country. DGA’s can be contacted through the contact DGA form on the EDCTP website. When developing a proposal applicants should contact the relevant DGAs as early as possible.

Cofunding from African partners
Cofunding from African institutions is strongly encouraged but not compulsory. EDCTP seeks to recognise and document any direct or indirect financial contribution to the partnership by African institutions. Applicants are therefore asked to indicate any African cofunding contributions, whether in cash or in-kind together with any contributions from third parties.

Cofunding from third-parties
EDCTP actively encourages third-party contributions to EDCTP projects. These may be from any non-public funding source including commercial companies, private institutions, foundations or public funds from countries other than the EDCTP-EEIG Member States. Please note that contributions from public-private partnerships (PPP) or other international and non-public organisations that themselves receive public funding from governments of EDCTP-EEIG Member States, are usually classified as third-party funding unless these funds are specifically earmarked by the donating MS for EDCTP activities. There is no limit to the level of third party contributions and the amount involved will not in any way affect the level of funding provided by EDCTP.

Cofunding checklist for applicants

  1. During the development of a proposal, EDCTP encourages the applicant to contact the EDCTP Networking team at an early stage. The Networking team will be able to explain the possibilities of cofunding by EDCTP-EEIG Member States and any conditions.  They will also be able to put you in touch with the Deputy General Assembly member (DGA) of the relevant Member States. This contact information is also available on the EDCTP website
  2. A key requirement of a proposal submitted to an EDCTP call is funding from at least two EEIG-EDCTP Member States.
  3. Before contacting a Member State to request cofunding, applicants should establish the amount of cofunding required for the project. The Networking team or the relevant DGA can help with this.
    Before submitting a final proposal to EDCTP, applicants should check that all the project collaborators from a EDCTP-EEIG Member State have applied to their respective Member States for cofunding
  4. The budget submitted for the project should include all the costs of carrying out the clinical trial including all work packages and take into account all Member State, third-party and other cofunding additional to the funds requested from EDCTP
  5.  Before submitting any application, applicants should ensure that they have the supporting cofunding letters of the relevant DGAs confirming that an appropriate application for cofunding has been received. If a cofunding letter is provided by someone other than the EDCTP DGA, the application needs to include a statement from the DGA concerned confirming his or her awareness of this. (Please refer to annex III of the Guidelines for applicants)
  6. If cofunding from African partners or third parties has been secured or requested, applicants must also include in the application the relevant letters confirming this third-party contribution. EDCTP would like to emphasise that this will not in any way affect or reduce the EDCTP contribution to the project.

For further questions on cofunding please refer to the FAQ section on the website or contact the EDCTP networking team.