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What is special about this Forum edition?

Dr Michael Makanga, Chair of Organising Committee

The Fifth EDCTP Forum pioneers the biannual cycle of this very important event. It presents a unique opportunity to discuss the main poverty-related diseases (PRDs) HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Distinctive to this Forum edition is the focus on sharing the fruits of the research that has been supported by the Partnership in collaboration with all our partners. It also brings in the political facet, with the first day dedicated to policymakers and politicians discussing the political agenda, advocacy and strategy, and aligning their views with the changing demands of the health and research landscape in Africa.

With delegates from over 48 countries from the North and South, this Forum presents an extraordinary networking and learning experience. Moreover this Forum is taking place in a carefully selected, beautiful and tranquil location of Arusha, Tanzania.

How does the current Forum reflect the Global Partnership?

This Forum gives a practical demonstration of results of partnerships and collaborative research. EDCTP-supported work involves partnerships between European and sub-Saharan African states while working closely with third parties. In preparation for this Forum, EDCTP has encouraged its partners to get involved and many have already confirmed their participation. This reinforces the EDCTP viewpoint of enhancing synergy and partnerships.

What are your personal highlights?

I am excited about the richness and diversity of scientific presentations that will be presented in various formats at this Forum. It is particularly encouraging witnessing the burgeoning research work from the African continent. In line with this I look forward to EDCTP’s recognition of outstanding Africans scientists working on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.


What is special about this forum edition?

Dr Mwele Malecela, Chair of Local Organising Committee

Dr Mwele Malecela, Chair of Local Organising Committee

This Forum is special firstly because it is to be held in my beautiful country Tanzania beneath the slopes of the Meru Mountain in Arusha.  I would like to join my colleagues in the organising committee in welcoming all of you to Arusha and more specifically to the Ngurudoto Mountain Lodge. The forum brings together scientists, policy makers funding agencies to see the great work that is being supported by EDCTP to fight HIV, TB and Malaria in developing countries. These diseases of poverty continue to plague our continent but it is encouraging that African scientists are doing something about it in collaboration with their colleagues in European institutions. This is why the forum theme focusing on global partnerships to fight these diseases is timely.

How does the current forum affect global partnerships?
The participation of the different key people reflects the importance that EDCTP gives to partnership and the realisation that the fight against these diseases for poverty involves bringing together strengths of the different partners. In this case researchers are joined by funders who support their research and by policy makers  who are expected to utilise results when interventions are shown to be effective. We hope to hear from these different groups and emerge stronger in planning our initiatives to combat these diseases. No single entity can do it alone.

What are your personal highlights?
I am extremely excited about the deliberations of the forum and I am especially excited about the essay competition for secondary school students that the Local Organizing Committee has organised. The essay competition aims at raising awareness to science and research and also to the fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria. The theme is derived from the forum theme and the winner and second and third runner up will be sponsored to attend the EDCTP Forum in Arusha. The winner of this event will be announced at the Awards dinner on Wednesday 14 October. We hope this competition will stimulate the students to develop an interest in research and eventually follow a research career.

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