Jean Marie Vianney Habarugira


Born and raised in Burundi, Jean Marie Vianney moved to Russia in 2000 for his graduate and post-graduate studies. In 2006, he obtained a Master of Science in Pharmacy at the Volgograd State Medical University, in Volgograd, Russia. He then moved to The Netherlands where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Business Administration at the NHL University in Leeuwarden before continuing his life sciences research education at the Utrecht University, in a Drug Innovation Masters programme focussing on Drug Discovery, Drug Development and Regulatory Affairs. During the Drug Innovation training, he carried out research projects at the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation in The Netherlands, the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board and EDCTP. Since December 2010, he has been working for EDCTP as a Project Officer, managing several EDCTP-funded grants and calls for proposals. As part of his continuing professional development and academic interest, in July 2014 Jean Marie Vianney successfully defended a Master’s Thesis within the European Programme in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology (Eu2P).