Project Monitoring & Reporting

Once the Grant Agreement has been signed by EDCTP, the application formally becomes a project. From then on, Grantees are expected to report regularly on the progress of their project. Report due dates are calculated from the effective date of the Grant Agreement, which is the date of signature on the Grant Agreement by EDCTP. The Project Coordinator is responsible for submitting reports to the EDCTP Project Officer in a timely manner.

The reports required by EDCTP are stipulated in the Grant Agreement and may include the following:

1. Intermediate reports
Reports submitted at six-month intervals between the Grant Agreement payment milestones.

2. Protocols and ethical approvals
For grants involving a clinical trial, EDCTP expects to receive the clinical protocol that has been submitted to the ethical committees prior to Grant Agreement signature. All protocols should adhere to the ICH-GCP guidelines, should bear a version number and date, and must be signed by the Project Coordinator and the sponsor. All related ethical approval letters from the relevant Ethics Committees must refer to the protocol version number, date and protocol title. 

3. Third-party cofunding
EDCTP monitors and reports third-party cofunding of its projects. Grantees are requested to declare any contributions received during the course of their project. This cofunding is treated as supplementary funding and is not in any way used to replace or reduce the EDCTP funding agreed at the signing of the Grant Agreement.

4. Publications and presentations
EDCTP requires its grantees to publish their results from ongoing and completed projects. Grantees should inform the responsible project officer about any publications and provide copies of these publications. Grantees must acknowledge the support of EDCTP, the European Commission and the involvement of any Member States that have provided cofounding in any publications and communications (including presentations) about their projects.