The resources page gives access to EDCTP documents that may be of use to EDCTP beneficiaries.

Financial Guidelines for Beneficiaries

Financial Guidelines for Beneficiaries (October 2016; PDF; 408 Kb)

Guide financier à l’intention des bénéficiaires (PDF; 332 Kb)

Diretrizes Financeiras para os Beneficiários (PDF; 399 Kb)

These guidelines have been prepared to supplement the Grant Agreement by providing an explanation of the accounting policies, financial reporting and budgeting requirements. However, in the event a conflict arises between these guidelines and the Grant Agreement, the latter takes precedence.

The main objectives of this document are:

  • To provide a quick reference and easy-to-follow guide for beneficiaries of EDCTP funding;
  • To ensure consistency in the financial management of EDCTP grants;
  • To act as a reference document for external auditors and other stakeholders in carrying out financial audits or other reviews of EDCTP-funded projects.