The Review and Decision Process

EDCTP aims to complete the entire review process for all grant schemes within five months of the deadline for submission of proposals. This process is depicted in the diagram below:

Proposal preparation and submission
All applications received in response to a call for proposal are registered in the EDCTP database. Each application is allocated a unique Project code, which will be stated in all correspondence with the Project Coordinator. EDCTP aims to acknowledge receipt of applications within one week of the deadline.

Proposal review and approval
The EDCTP Secretariat checks whether proposals meet the eligibility criteria as stipulated in the call text. Proposals may be excluded from further processing when they fail to meet any of the eligibility criteria, including failure to provide all of the requested information. Applicants can expect to receive a letter informing them of the outcome of the eligibility check within four weeks of the deadline for submission.

All eligible proposals undergo a review procedure that may involve peer review by independent External Reviewers and/or a Scientific Review Committee (SRC). The reviewers and SRC members are selected on the basis of their expertise, track record and standing in the field.  Depending on the grant scheme, applicants may be given the opportunity to respond to the External Reviewers' comments and their responses will be taken into consideration by the SRC. The SRC assesses the applications in competition and draws up a ranked list of proposals, together with a summary of its funding recommendations. The SRC recommendations are presented to the EDCTP General Assembly which makes the final decision on funding, approving all grants awarded by EDCTP.

Notification of outcome of the application
Unsuccessful and successful applicants are informed of the outcome of their application within a period of two weeks following the GA decision. Successful applicants are invited to enter the Grant agreement process. EDCTP aims to complete the Grant Agreement process within three months.