Stakeholder meeting on malaria

Malaria Stakeholder Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 19-20 September 2013

The objectives of the stakeholder meeting on malaria is to: 

  • Review the current status and barriers to progress in the field of malaria research
  • Identify the key research areas where EDCTP support can have maximum impact
  • Highlight opportunities for European and African collaboration (North-North and North-South) that EDCTP can facilitate
  • Identify possibilities for partnership with likeminded organisations.

Participants at the meeting will include researchers from academia, representatives of product development partnerships (PDPs) and pharmaceutical industry, policy makers, funding agencies and other like-minded organisations.

Attendance is by invitation only. However, an online consultation for views and feedback from all interested members of the research community and other stakeholders has been set up in parallel.

Amongst the topics to be discussed are:

  • Baseline epidemiology studies required to support evaluation of interventions
  • Diagnostics to support evaluation of strategies for malaria control
  • Evaluation of new and improved products in the context of combined interventions for enhanced malaria control
  • Evaluation of transmission blocking agents (vaccines and drugs) in line with the global malaria elimination and eradication agenda
  • Post-registration programmes including effectiveness studies and pharmacovigilance requirements in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Capacity building and trial site requirements for conducting clinical trials on malaria

Background reading material

The Malaria stakeholder meeting will be held over two days. The tentative breakdown is as follows:

  • First day: malaria drugs and diagnostics for treatment and prevention use in all at risk population groups;
  • Second day: malaria vaccines and diagnostics

Expected meeting outcomes
A meeting report including recommendations will be produced and published on the EDCTP website. The report will also include results from the online consultation.
The final recommendations are expected to contribute towards the EDCTP strategy and operational business plan on:

  • Priority research topics for calls for proposals
  • Proposals for development of cooperative projects
  • Products in the pipeline for evaluation by EDCTP
  • Focused capacity building initiatives
  • Proposals for funding partnerships.

Meeting proceedings

Meeting report (English) (PDF)

Online consultation feedback (PDF)

Meeting documents

Access the final programme and presentations of the Stakeholder meeting on malaria.