Message from the Executive Director

Prof. Charles Mgone Consolidation as the theme for the 2011 EDCTP Annual Report is very appropriate and pertinent since this was the year that we focused most of our time on the management of on-going projects and active grants. The emphasis was on monitoring the progress of these projects to ensure successful and timely outcomes. From the inception of EDCTP in 2003 till the end of 2011, we have launched a total of 64 calls for proposals; processed 494 applications and awarded 196 grants of which 116 are still active and 80 completed.

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  • 2011 in a nutshell

    The year 2011 ushered the consolidation phase of the EDCTP programme. This was exemplified by successful activities and results of on going studies.

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  • Grants signed in 2011

    A total of 32 grant contracts were signed: 2 grants for Integrated Projects on Clinical Trials, 9 Senior fellowships, 15 Ethics/IRB support, 3 grants to evaluate clinical trials in Africa, and 4 Member States Initiated projects.

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  • Grants signed before 2011

    Overall, 64 calls for proposals have been launched since the beginning of the programme in 2003 up to December 2011. By end of 2011, 80 were completed.

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