EDCTP calls and grants

In 2011, six calls for proposals were launched including three for Senior Fellowships, two open and one attached to EDCTP Networks of Excellence (NoEs); two for strengthening ethics review capacity; one for Member States Initiated projects (MSI) and one Strategic Primer Grants. This last scheme provides pump-priming to allow researchers to explore novel and innovative approaches to research that may lead to the development and testing of new or improved clinical interventions against HIV/AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis. By the end of 2011, EDCTP has funded (contract signed) 196 projects to a total amount of approximately € 356 million including cofunding. Of these projects, 44 are on HIV/AIDS research, 31 on tuberculosis research and 34 on malaria research, and the remaining 87 projects were non-disease specific.

Grants signed in 2011

A total of 32 grant contracts were signed: 2 grants for Integrated Projects on Clinical Trials, 9 Senior fellowships, 15 Ethics/IRB support, 3 grants to evaluate clinical trials in Africa, and 4 Member States Initiated projects.

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Progress on grants signed before 2011

Overall, 64 calls for proposals have been launched since the beginning of the programme in 2003 up to December 2011. By end of 2011, 80 were completed.

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