Grants signed in 2011
Type Title Grantee Burdget (€)
Integrated projects HIV/AIDS Reduction of early mortality among HIV-infected subjects starting antiretroviral therapy: a randomised trial (The REMSTART trial) Saidi Egwaga 3,774,390

Integrated projects HIV/AIDS

A randomised controlled trial of 3 strategies for the treatment of ARV-naive HIV-infected patients with tuberculosis (RAFA) Corinne Merle 2,783,738
Senior Fellowship Comparison of efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetics of intramuscular artemether and intravenous quinine followed by oral artemisinin combination therapy for severe malaria treatment in Uganda and evaluation of pharmacokinetic drug interactions of artemether, quinine, lumefantrine and piperaquine with antiretroviral drugs Pauline Byakika-Kibwika 199,953
Senior Fellowship Role of functionally distinct monocyte subpopulations in protection against clinical Plasmodium falciparum malaria in people living in endemic area of Mali Bourema Kouriba 199,529
Senior Fellowship Clinical trials in HIV/AIDS in Africa: Should they routinely control for mental health factors? Eugene Kinyanda 195,156
Senior Fellowship Establishment of a HIV positive cohort for site preparation for HIV and malaria clinical trials in the Republic of Congo Mathieu Ndounga 200,000
Senior Fellowship Pre-clinical Evaluation of Dendritic cell targeted consensus B, C, CRFO2_AG and MOSAIC HIV gag protein vaccines in PBMC from chronically infected Patients in Central Africa Godwin Nchinda 199,036
Senior Fellowship Short- and long-term clinical and immunological outcomes of patients with HIV/TB co-infections on ART William Ofuti Worodria 200,000
Senior Fellowship Optimization and standardization of the new functional antibody dependant respiratory burst (ADRB) assay to evaluate anti-malarial immunity in endemic populations and merozoite based vaccine candidates Aissatou Toure 192,060
Senior Fellowship Intermittent preventive treatment in children combined with home management of malaria in area with persisting high malaria prevalence in Senegal Jean Louis Abdourahim Ndiaye 199,945
Senior Fellowship HPV in Men (HIM): Natural history of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and genital warts in HIV-1 negative men, HIV-1 positive men not yet taking ART, and HIV-1 positive men taking ART in South Africa Sinead Delany-Moretlwe 193,586
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Establishment of an Institutional Review Board for health facilities in City of Harare Harare City Health Department 42,933
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Strengthening the capacity of the Lake Zone Institutional Review Board (LZIRB) National Institute for Medical Research 49,570
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Strengthening the Cameroon National Ethics Review Committee Cameroon National Ethics Committee 64,079
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Network of Southern African Research Ethics Committee (REC) Chairpersons and the development of a review textbook for African REC members (SAREN-Southern African Research Ethics Network) Stellenbosch University 49,236
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Enhancing community understanding and participation in human subjects protection in Malawi University of Malawi 50,000
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Strengthening of TASO Institutional Review Board for HIV/AIDS Research in Uganda The AIDS Support Organization 36,289
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Establishing and Strengthening Health Research Ethics Committees in Ethiopia Ethiopian Bioethics Initiative (ETBIN) 50,000
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Establishment and strengthening the activities of the Dodowa health research centre’s institutional review board Dodowa Health Research Centre 44,396
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening ADILI - The KEMRI Bioethics Center Kenya Medical Research Institute 91,188
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Strengthening of the University of Botswana IRB and establishment of the UB Research Integrity Office University of Botswana 46,900
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Capacity building and support for three ethics review committees in North Central and South Western geopolitical zones of Nigeria Nigerian Institute of Medical Research 47,725
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Strengthening of National Ethics Research Committees, networking and capacity building in Kenya University of Nairobi 50,000
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Establishment of Institutional Research and Ethics Committee (IREC) in Western Centre for Research and Technology Development (RESTECH) 52,348
Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Customization and strengthening of the IHI-IRB capacity to regulate health research ethics

Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre

Ethics and Regulatory strengthening Establishment of RECs and capacity building of human resources and infrastructure in Nigeria Nigerian Institute of Medical Research 48,944
Evaluating clinical trials in Africa Evaluating the impact of clinical trials on health services delivered to women and children in 3 countries of sub-Saharan Africa Khatia Munguambe 711,521
Evaluating clinical trials in Africa Impact of the clinical trials on the health behaviours of the communities and the quality of the health services in West and South Africa (Burkina Faso, Ghana and Zambia) Léa Pare Toé 248,893
Evaluating clinical trials in Africa An evaluation of the impact of malaria clinical trials on the delivery of health care, particularly for women and children, in sub-Saharan Africa Kwaku Poku Asante 248,820
Member States Initiated projects Fozivudine in Africa trials initiative (FATI) – a stepwise drug development programme for an improved AZT treatment Michael Hoelscher 2,227,379
Member States Initiated projects Collaboration and integration of Tuberculosis Vaccine Trials in Europe and Africa (TBTEA) Stefan Kaufmann 10,643,327
Member States Initiated projects The impact of retreatment with an artemisinin-based combination on malaria incidence and its potential selection of resistant strains Jean-Pierre Van Geertruyden 777,910