EDCTP calls and grants

Since 2003, EDCTP has launched 65 calls for proposals. A total of 254 projects have been funded. Of these, 73 (29%) were active at the end of 2014 and 181 projects grants were completed. The total amount of the 254 projects is € 211.98 million including cofunding via EDCTP. Of these projects, 56 are on HIV/AIDS research, 36 on tuberculosis research, 42 on malaria research, and 12 projects on HIV/TB co-infection. The remaining 108 projects were non-disease specific.

By December 2014, EDCTP has supported 100 clinical trials: 34 trials on malaria, 30 trials on HIV/AIDS, 27 trials on tuberculosis, and 9 trials on HIV/TB co-infections. These trials are testing new and improved drugs for treatment and prevention (59), vaccines (25), diagnostics (11), microbicides (3) and two trials used electronic devices to investigate methods to enhance retention rates in trials and adherence to treatment.

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