Dr Marta Norton

Portugal (Interim member)

Dr Marta Norton is a Scientific Officer at the Department of International Relations, Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), promoting and supporting the Portuguese participation in several European instruments for EU/International cooperation, in Biotechnology, Oceans Sciences and Health.

Dr Norton has handled a variety of tasks and responsibilities within several EU-funded FP7, H2020, and Horizon Europe initiatives. Importantly among these is the implementation of joint transnational calls, including the coordination of international peer review processes, the follow-up and monitoring of scientific projects, and most recently (2018-2023) the project manager for the coordination of the CSA All-Atlantic Ocean Research and innovation Alliance (AANChOR) project. She is the Portuguese representative in five European partnerships and has been representing the national delegation in EDCTP since July 2023.

Dr Norton has a scientific background in chemistry (PhD in Organic Chemistry, 2001) and has worked as a Chemist researcher in academia and the pharmaceutical industry for more than 15 years.