Fellowship programme

To build intellectual capacity in sub-Saharan Africa, EDCTP provides fellowship support at all career stages, including Senior Fellowships and Career Development Fellowships. These schemes provide opportunities for promising researchers to establish careers in the region, while having the advantage of links to regional and international networks and access to cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific thinking.

The first level fellowship, Preparatory Fellowships, is offered in partnership with the Africa Research Excellence Fund; it aims to hone the skills needed to compete for research grants.

At the second level are the Clinical Research and Product Development Fellowships jointly implemented with TDR. They offer researchers and key members of clinical research teams the opportunity to acquire technical and project skills in clinical R&D through placement in pharmaceutical companies, PDPs and CROs.

At the third level, Career Development Fellowships support early and mid-career scientists to develop their individual clinical research skills, providing an opportunity for talented scientists to establish themselves as independent researchers and team leaders.

The fourth level is formed by the Senior Fellowships which support experienced researchers to advance themselves as leaders in clinical product development and closely related fields while also training and mentoring junior researchers.

The Senior Fellowship Plus scheme is particularly innovative, enabling senior fellows to nurture upcoming researchers in other institutions.

EDCTP Fellowship programme in numbers (by end of 2020)



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