Our objectives

The EDCTP programme has five specific objectives:

Medical interventions: To accelerate the development of new or improved medical interventions for poverty-related infectious diseases – HIV, TB, malaria, neglected infectious diseases, diarrhoeal diseases, lower respiratory tract infections, and emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.

Collaboration and capacity development: To strengthen cooperation between European and sub-Saharan African countries, in particular to build the latter’s capacity for conducting high-quality innovative clinical research consistent with fundamental ethical principles and international and national regulatory standards.

European coordination: To better coordinate, align and, where appropriate, integrate national programmes to increase the impact and cost-effectiveness of European investments in health research on poverty-related infectious diseases.

External partnerships: To work with a broad range of public and private partners to maximise the impact of research, to attract additional investment, and to fully exploit the opportunities for high-quality clinical research offered by EDCTP’s integrated approach.

EU cooperation: To increase impact through collaborations with other EU initiatives, particularly those related to development assistance.