Dr Jutta Reinhard-Rupp

Dr Jutta Reinhard-Rupp is Head of the Research & Development Translational Innovation Platform for ‘Global Health’ at Merck Serono. Her focus is the discovery and development of new drugs and health solutions for children suffering from poverty-related diseases such as malaria and schistosomiasis. Since January 2008, she works with Merck Serono in Switzerland with main responsibilities on the implementation of key strategic initiatives in drug discovery and development, including the lead of several ‘Global Health’ programmes. The current flagship programme is the development of a new paediatric formulation of praziquantel to treat young children in schistosomiasis endemic areas.

Jutta Reinhard-Rupp studied Biology in Mainz and Tübingen and received her PhD at the Max-Planck Institute in Tübingen. After her postdoctoral training at Novartis, she was head of the laboratory at Evotec Biosystems in Hamburg. In 1997, she joined Aventis in various assignments in R&D.