Secondment opportunities

EDCTP offers secondment opportunities for individuals with relevant expertise to work at the EDCTP Secretariat headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands and/or Cape Town, South Africa for periods of six months to up to two years. The secondments should contribute to knowledge-sharing and skills enhancement of the seconded staff and the EDCTP Secretariat. Applicants with experience in one or more of the following areas are particularly welcome:

  • Research management within a funding agency
  • Product development and regulatory affairs, especially in an industry setting
  • Clinical trials management
  • Health policy development
  • Communications and advocacy
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • IT (online application systems and data management)

Criteria for secondments

Applicants must be employees of the releasing organisation at the time of appointment and must continue to receive their salary and benefits from the releasing organisation during the period of the secondment.

Applicants must demonstrate how their expertise and skills will be developed through the secondment and how their experience will contribute to the EDCTP programme.

Each secondment will be arranged directly between EDCTP, the releasing organisation and the individual. Specific Terms of Reference will apply to each secondment to ensure compliance with employment guidelines and policies and to avoid conflicts of interest. In accordance with conflict of interest guidelines, applicants from non-EDCTP participating members will not be seconded to managerial positions.

Applicants are eligible to attend EDCTP in-house training courses for EDCTP staff.

EDCTP will meet the costs of travel-related expenses of seconded employees, up to the limit set out in the EDCTP Travel Policies and Procedures Manual, when they travel on official EDCTP business trips which have been appropriately approved.

Leave and Attendance – Unless it has been agreed that the secondee will follow the leave policy of the releasing organisation, he/she will follow the same annual and sick leave policy as EDCTP staff; however he/she will not be paid for any unused leave at the end of the secondment.

Appointments will be subject to a security clearance to verify nationality, employment, education, credit and criminal history. The secondee may not begin the assignment until the security clearance process is completed.

Appointments will be subject to an initial probationary period of three to six months, with an annual performance evaluation where applicable.

How to apply

Individuals interested in undertaking a secondment at EDCTP should apply in writing to recruitment[at], enclosing their CV and a cover letter that sets out their motivation for the secondment, with details of how their skills and experience can contribute to the work of EDCTP. Applicants should also indicate whether their employer has agreed to their undertaking a secondment.

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