EDCTP-funded consortia for epidemic preparedness – response to the Ebola outbreak in DRC

28 May 2018

Currently, EDCTP-funded consortia for epidemic preparedness are active in responding to the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Pan-African Network for Rapid Research, Response, Relief and Preparedness for Infectious Diseases Epidemics (PANDORA-ID-NET) and the African coaLition for Epidemic Research, Response and Training (ALERRT) consortium are both involved in the response to the latest Ebola outbreak.

The PANDORA-ID-NET, coordinated by Professor Francine Ntoumi (Fondation Congolaise pour la Recherche Medicale, Republic of Congo) is working with the Ministry of Health in its response to the outbreak to avert the potential spread of the outbreak across the river into the Republic of Congo.

The Republic of Congo, which is a full member of the EDCTP Association, officially requested the two EDCTP-funded consortia, for collaboration and support in key areas that can help in the prevention on the outbreak spread. As a matter of priority, surveillance and training activities are being undertaken by the PANDORA-ID-NET in collaboration ALERRT, including:

  • A training workshop for Ethics and Regulatory committees in the region on the ‘Evaluation of Clinical Research Protocols in case of emergency’. The workshop will be held in Brazzaville on 31 May – 01 June 2018;
  • The drafting of Procedures for Evaluation of Clinical Research Protocols in case of emergency. The members of the ethics committees from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo, together with experts from WHO-AFRO and other key ethics experts in the region will meet in Brazzaville on 2-3 June 2018;
  • A joint ALERRT-PANDORA-ID-NET mission for situation analysis of surveillance activities for filovirus circulation in human and animals as well as capacities of diagnostics tools available within the region.


The ALERRT consortium, coordinated by Professor Peter Horby (University of Oxford, United Kingdom), is discussing with partners regarding research activities on diagnostics, immunology and social sciences studies, as well as support to clinical trials of therapeutics.

Among the organisations participating in the ALERRT Consortium, is the DRC’s National Institute for Biomedical Research (INRB) led by Professor Jean Jacques Muyembe, who is at this moment coordinating the outbreak response teams on the ground in DRC. Professor Muyembe is playing a key role in advising on the priority research areas where the consortia can contribute.

More information

PANDORA-ID-NET: Pan-African Network for Rapid Research, Response, Relief and Preparedness for Infectious Diseases Epidemics
Project coordinator: Prof. Francine Ntoumi, FCRM, Republic of Congo
Grantee: Fondation congolaise pour la recherche médicale (FCRM) Brazzaville, Republic of Congo with partners from France, Gabon, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, and Zambia
Starting date: 1 March 2018
Duration: 48 months
Grant amount: EUR 9,997,501
Grant agreement: RIA2016E-1609


ALERRT: African coalition for epidemic research, response and training
Project coordinator: Prof. Peter Horby, (UOXF), United Kingdom
Consortium: University of Oxford (UOXF), Oxford, United Kingdom with partners from Belgium, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Germany, Ghana, Madagascar, Senegal, and Uganda, and United Kingdom
Starting date: 1 December 2017
Duration: 60 months
Grant amount: EUR 9,999,394
Grant agreement: RIA2016E-1612