EDCTP welcomes members of the new Association Board

16 June 2022

On 23 May 2022 the EDCTP Association General Assembly appointed the members of the new EDCTP Association Board. EDCTP’s Association Board members fulfill an essential role in achieving our mission to enhance research capacity and accelerate the development of new or improved medical interventions for poverty-related infectious diseases and (re-)emerging diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. We look forward to our continued collaborations and extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our outgoing Board members. 

The EDCTP Association Board is entrusted with the management of the Association, supervises the Secretariat on behalf of the General Assembly, and is responsible for ensuring that the Association’s resources are properly and efficiently managed. Board members are selected by the General Assembly representatives and their deputies and are appointed by the General Assembly with a tenure of two years, consecutively renewable once. 

The members of the new EDCTP Association Board are: 

Dr Henning Gädeke (Germany, Chair)                     

Prof. Maria-Teresa Bejarano (Sweden, Vice-Chair)                

Prof. Godfrey Biemba (Zambia) 

Dr Eric D’Ortenzio (France)                                

Ms Glaudina Loots (South Africa, Vice-Chair) 

Dr Samuel Okware (Uganda) 

“Cooperation between Africa and Europe is more important than ever to jointly tackle global challenges. It is an honor for me to contribute to this cooperation, to continue the successful work of EDCTP and to help prepare EDCTP for its future tasks.”

Dr Henning Gädeke, EDCTP Association Chair

“The position as Vice-Chair represents an opportunity and a challenge to strategically participate and influence the policies and practices of EDCTP. Sweden has been supporting EDCTP since its inception and is convinced of the importance and impact of this programme. In today’s world, building research capacity and enhancing global and regional abilities to identify and respond to key infectious disease health challenges is a priority that benefits all.”

Prof. Maria-Teresa Bejarano, EDCTP Association Board Vice-Chair

“The development of and transition to the Global Health EDCTP3 Partnership signifies a new era for the finding of novel drugs, vaccines and diagnostics to manage key infectious diseases affecting Africa and a sustainable and empowering partnership is essential. I am looking forward to be part of the new era.”

Ms Glaudina Loots, EDCTP Association Vice-Chair

EDCTP wishes to thank its outgoing Association Board members for their invaluable support and guidance: Prof Aboulaye Djimdé (Mali), Dr Christiane Druml (Austria), Prof. Jeffrey Mphahlele (South Africa), Ms Andrea Spelberg (Germany) and Prof. Yazdan Yazdanpanah (France). 

More information

Visit the Board of the EDCTP Association page on our website 

Details on membership, decision-making process and management tasks of the Board can be found in articles 15-19 of the EDCTP Articles of Association