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EDCTP2 work plan for 2014 now available online

4 March 2015

The first annual work plan of the second programme of the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP2) describes activities under EDCTP2 launched in 2014. It provides information on EDCTP Calls for Proposals, including the challenge, scope and expected impact, as well as supporting information about eligibility requirements and other specific conditions for applying. The EDCTP2 work plan for 2014 was approved by both the European Commission and the EDCTP Association.

The activities funded by the EU contribution to the EDCTP2 programme are implemented by the EDCTP Association. EU funding to EDCTP projects is based on the annual work plans and the EDCTP2 Strategic Business Plan. The EDCTP2 work plan for 2014 was developed in compliance with the objectives and provisions set out in the EU Decision on EDCTP, following a comprehensive consultation process involving multiple stakeholders.

The work plan also contains an overview of activities in the scope of EDCTP2 that are not funded by the EU, but funded and implemented in 2014 by one or more of the EDCTP2 Participating States (so-called Participating States’ Initiated Projects (PSIAs)). The PSIAs are considered an integral part of the EDCTP2 programme, not least because they represent in-kind contributions from the Participating States to the EDCTP2 programme.

Activities of EDCTP2

The EDCTP2 programme supports clinical trials and related activities on poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases and capacity development for clinical trials and related research in sub-Saharan Africa. All phases of clinical trials (phases I to IV) for new or improved medical interventions, as well as advanced testing and field validation of new diagnostic tools can be supported under EDCTP2. Capacity development activities aim to strengthen the enabling environment for conducting clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa in compliance with fundamental ethical principles and relevant national, Union and international legislation. Moreover, EDCTP2 promotes networking, coordination, alignment, collaboration and integration of national research programmes and activities on poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases among the Participating States, both at scientific, management and financial level.