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Important clarification regarding Call ‘Research and clinical management of patients in PRD epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa’

23 September 2016

This clarification concerns the EDCTP call for proposals

Research and clinical management of patients in PRD epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa.

The call Description includes under ‘Expected impact’ the following text:

“The consortium is expected to collaborate with similar initiatives at national, regional, European and international level, such as PREPARE and ISARIC, and the EDCTP regional networks of excellence in order to contribute effectively to global preparedness and response activities, including the WHO blueprint, and ensure quick implementation of its findings into optimised clinical practices and to maximise synergy and complementarity”

The above mentioned initiatives: – ISARIC, PREPARE and the EDCTP regional networks of excellence – are mentioned as examples of initiatives with which potential applicants may partner with to avoid fragmentation of investments and ensure synergy in this area.

EDCTP has no formal prior arrangements with any of these initiatives in relation to this call.

Our official reference is the call text and we leave the interpretation and follow-up of any potential collaborations with these initiatives to the applicants. This is an open call with a competitive process the  outcome of which is depends on an independent peer review process. The EDCTP review process is not in any way linked to the internal review processes of the initiatives mentioned in the call text as examples. The eligibility criteria for this call is also clearly reflected in the call text.

EDCTP will only have direct discussions with the successful consortium after the independent review process is completed and during the contract negotiation process.