Mundo Sano joins forces with EDCTP to fund research on neglected infectious diseases

19 June 2017

On 16 June 2017, the Mundo Sano Foundation and the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) created a partnership to leverage research funding for neglected infectious diseases (NIDs). They agreed that Mundo Sano would contribute to clinical and product-focused implementation research in neglected diseases and soil-transmitted helminthiases.

“Partnership is the only strategy to address complex problems. Truly understanding partnership means we need private-public cooperation and multidisciplinary cooperation. A spirit of cooperation and commitment is needed in all partners. We are sure the cooperation with EDCTP offers this opportunity.”

Dr Silvia Gold, Mundo Sano Chairperson

The agreement was signed by Dr Silvia Gold, Mundo Sano Chairperson. Dr Michael Makanga, Executive Director, and Mr Abdoulie Barry, Director of Finance & Administration signed the agreement on behalf of EDCTP.

Dr Michael Makanga and Dr Silvia Gold after signing the agreement in Madrid, Spain

The collaboration is envisaged in the context of two EDCTP planned calls for proposals in 2017*: ‘Targeting control and elimination of NIDs through clinical trials’ and ‘Targeting control and elimination of NIDs through product-focused implementation research’. EDCTP will budget up to €30 million for these two calls. The Mundo Sano Foundation intends to contribute up to €2 million, subject to certain conditions, to support successful applications in response to these calls that focus on soil-transmitted helminthiases involving Ivermectin.

“Partnerships lie at the heart of our work and we are committed to work with like-minded partners to maximize the impact of investment in research on poverty-related diseases. I am encouraged by our new partnership with the Mundo Sano Foundation which will bolster our funding towards neglected infectious diseases R&D.”

Dr Michael Makanga, EDCTP Executive Director

About the Mundo Sano Foundation

Mundo Sano is a private foundation that contributed to the transformation of the reality of the populations affected by neglected tropical diseases. Its mission is to foster diagnosis and treatment of neglected Diseases. It develops effective management models that are replicable, scalable, and transferable, through public-private partnerships, with multidisciplinary scientific research. To that aim, Mundo Sano works with the communities affected and an important network of actors aimed at designing intervention programs. Within the framework of this goal, which is a long-term one and consists in sensitization, prevention, diagnosis and treatment actions; it generates scientific evidence and solutions intended to solve several health problems.


* Pending the formal approval of the EDCTP 2017 work plan by the European Commission.