Notice of voluntary liquidation of EDCTP-EEIG (legal structure for the first EDCTP programme, 2003-2015)

06 September 2016

The EDCTP-EEIG, the legal structure for the first EDCTP programme (2003-2015), is in liquidation (Dutch: in liquidatie). The EDCTP-EEIG was incorporated for the implementation of the activities set out in the contract signed between the EDCTP-EEIG and the European Commission. Following the successful completion of the first programme, the EDCTP-EEIG General Assembly approved on 3 June 2016 the complete liquidation of the EDCTP-EEIG legal entity and the winding up of its affairs.

The liquidators (Dr Michael Makanga and Mr Abdoulie Barry) have been authorised by the EDCTP-EEIG General Assembly to take the necessary steps to complete the liquidation before 31 December 2016. Furthermore, the EDCTP-EEIG General Assembly has decided that its assets and liabilities will be transferred to the EDCTP Association, the implementation structure for the second EDCTP programme.

The notification of the registration of the liquidation was sent to the Chamber of Commerce (‘Kamer van Koophandel’) in The Netherlands on 1 September 2016. The EDCTP-EEIG has ceased all transactions as of this date, except as may be necessary or incidental to the liquidation and winding up, including the payments of any obligations now outstanding and any expenses incidental to the liquidation.

The newspaper announcement regarding the availability of the final accounts (‘rekening en verantwoording’) and the plan to transfer all remaining funds to the EDCTP Association, will be published soon. After this announcement and the deposit of the final accounts at the Chamber of Commerce, all creditors or persons entitled to the surplus may oppose the accounts and/or the plan to transfer the surplus to the EDCTP Association.