Public consultation: Global Roadmap for research and development for TB vaccines

13 January 2021

EDCTP has commissioned the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) to develop a Global Roadmap for research and development for tuberculosis (TB) vaccines. The Roadmap intends to provide global stakeholders such as researchers, funders, industry, regulatory and policy decision makers with key actionable priorities that could help guide their actions. It lists both the short-term objectives as well as the long-term strategic objectives for global TB vaccine development, and focuses on developing and delivering affordable and effective vaccines for use in low- and middle-income countries where the vast majority of people affected by TB are concentrated.

AIGHD and EDCTP invite researchers and stakeholders, as well as everyone who has been involved in the roadmap development process to respond to a public consultation and express their views on aspects of the draft Roadmap before a final version is published.

This is part of the process for developing this Roadmap, which consists of several steps:

  • Desk review and stakeholder inventory
  • In-depth interviews with selected stakeholders
  • A consensus workshop and various rounds of stakeholder consultation on the subsequent draft versions of the Roadmap.

These rounds of consultation included both targeted requests for feedback to selected stakeholders and the current public consultation. The contributions will be published on the AIGHD website (in cases consent was provided) and will be used to complete the final version of the Roadmap.

Draft Roadmap and online form

Contribute to this consultation by filling in the on-line survey.

Please visit the AIGHD website for more information about this consultation. If you are unable to use the online survey, or have other issues or questions, please contact