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Stakeholder meetings: strategic and research priorities for EDCTP2

26 April 2013

The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) will hold a series of thematic stakeholder meetings to shape its strategy and funding approach as part of the preparatory process for EDCTP2 (2014-2024). Participants will include researchers from academia, representatives of product development partnerships and pharmaceutical industry, policy makers, funding agencies and other like-minded organisations as well as representatives of EDCTP and its constituencies.

The stakeholder meetings are based on disease (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected infectious diseases) and intervention themes and have the following objectives:

  1. To identify and review the current research issues, interventions, products in development and  key players in the field
  2. To ensure that EDCTP remains focused on the most pressing research needs, the most promising opportunities, and aligns its strategic planning and funding approaches accordingly
  3. To identify priority areas for future calls for proposals
  4. To identify interested and potential partners to collaborate with in the execution of future EDCTP activities
  5. To harness the efforts of EDCTP stakeholders in order to promote integration of national programmes of EDCTP European partner states and strengthen the partnership with African researchers.

Stakeholder meeting schedule
These meetings will be hosted by various EDCTP participating countries. The schedule for the meetings is as follows:

  • 27-28 June 2013: Neglected infectious diseases (The Hague, Netherlands)
  • 3-4 September 2013: HIV (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • 19-20 September 2013: Malaria (Vienna, Austria)
  • 28-29 October 2013: Tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections (Paris, France)
  • 28-29 November 2013: Ethics and regulatory affairs (Antwerp, Belgium)

Expected outcomes
Recommendations from the meetings will contribute towards the EDCTP strategic and operational business plan: priority research topics for calls for proposals; proposals for development of cooperative projects; identification of products in the pipeline for evaluation by EDCTP; focused capacity building initiatives; and proposals for funding partnerships.