WANECAM consortium kicks off clinical study for next-generation antimalarial drug

15 April 2019

The West African Network for Clinical Trials of Antimalarial Drugs (WANECAM), a consortium of ten academic organisations in Africa and Europe, starts off the ‘WANECAM 2’ study in Bamako, Mali with a meeting on 15 April 2019. EDCTP invests EUR 10 million in the project. WANECAM will conduct clinical trials of a novel antimalarial combination comprising KAF156 (ganaplacide) and lumefantrine in a new once-daily formulation. The project is led by Professor Abdoulaye Djimdé of the Université des Sciences, Techniques et Technologies de Bamako.

The consortium will collaborate with the not-for-profit product development partnership Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) and the pharmaceutical company Novartis to develop its compound KAF156 in combination with lumefantrine. The aim is to advance the development of a much-needed new antimalarial therapy while strengthening clinical trial development capabilities in Africa.

“We are delighted to broaden the coalition of organisations that EDCTP funds and partners to deliver our malaria strategy. By involving the private sector and a not-for-profit PDP, we have broadened our network of expertise. With all sectors working together, we can build stronger partnerships to defeat malaria.”

Dr. Michael Makanga, EDCTP Executive Director

The project will funding will also strengthen clinical research infrastructure in Niger, as well as existing clinical research capacities at all other trial centres involved (Burkina Faso, Gabon and Mali). These efforts will involve exchanging experiences and best practices between the study centres and the European academic centres, as well as with Novartis and MMV.

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The above message is based on the consortium press release (PDF).