TEDOER: Training of Epidemiologists in Disease Outbreaks and Epidemic Response in sub-Saharan Africa

Project at a glance

Coordinator: Dr Ernest Kenu (Ghana)
Consortium partners: University of Ghana, Folkehelseinstituttet (FHI)
Country of Fellow: Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, The Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zambia
Grant number: CSA2020E-3130

The TEDOER-SSA seeks to contribute to the generation of a critical mass of epidemiologists and biostatisticians and institutional research capacity in sub-Saharan Africa for disease outbreak and epidemic response. This will be achieved through an existing field epidemiology and biostatistics competency-based training programme at the University of Ghana with collaboration and support from partner institutions such as Harvard University, Heidelberg University and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

The 24-month programme will lead to a Master of Philosophy degree in Field Epidemiology and Disease Control. Case studies, didactic lectures, discussions, and problem-solving approaches are some of the teaching methods to be employed. As part of their training, students will benefit from field practice in relevant district health directorates, disease programmes and disease surveillance departments, where they will learn from well-experienced experts in disease control and outbreak investigation. Students will be expected to conduct ethically sound research that applies epidemiologic and biostatistics principles relevant to disease control. Participation in conferences and exchange programmes will be encouraged. These activities will be facilitated by a team of faculty and supervisors from the consortium. A robust mentorship programme will be offered.

The selected fellows are from Ghana, The Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

The Fellows


Dr Ocansey Grace Adijoa (Ghana)






Dr Valentine Opoku Mensah (Ghana)






Dr Phillip Allan Kommey (Ghana)






Ms Aphour Thelma Teley (Ghana)






Mr Bakalilu Kijera (Tha Gambia)






Mr Sarja Jarjusey (The Gambia)






Ms Mary Bobb (The Gambia)






Mr Lamin F. Manjang (The Gambia)






Dr Francis Mendy (The Gambia)






Ms Louisa Karmokai Cassell (Liberia)






Mr G. Burgess Gbelee, Jr. (Liberia)






Mr Saffa Gbessay (Sierra Leone)






Dr Amara Stevens Ngegbai (Sierra Leone)






Dr Danny Kalala Mukandila (Democratic Republic of Congo)






Mr William Nsemani (Zambia)