Disease diagnosis in sub-Saharan Africa is highly challenging, as the population is predominantly rural, and health care systems often have limited resources. Early and rapid diagnosis of poverty-related diseases offers the best opportunity to administer timely, appropriate treatment and track treatment progress, but adequate diagnostic tools are not readily available. There is a lack of drive or incentive to develop and deploy them in disease-endemic countries. Therefore, there is a clear need for the development and uptake of rapid, accurate, cost-effective, scalable, and field-friendly diagnostic tools.


By end of 2021, EDCTP had invested €121.32 million to support 47 collaborative clinical studies and clinical trials focusing on validation of the clinical performance and/or implementation of new or improved diagnostic tools and technologies for the detection of poverty-related diseases, including as co-infections.

EDCTP portfolio: diagnostics

Collaborative clinical trials and clinical research (2014-2021)