Current Projects

The second EDCTP programme is well under way. Grant agreements for many projects and fellowships were successfully concluded. Basic information on the projects is presented below by Call for proposal.

More information on these projects is available in a public portal which displays the projects on a map and offers various search options. The portal is accessible through this link and will be developed further.

2017 - Projects by calls for proposals

  • Clinical trials to reduce health inequities in pregnant women, newborns and children
  • Ethics and regulatory capacities
  • Fellowships – EDCTP-AREF Preparatory Fellowships
  • Fellowships – Career Development Fellowships
  • Fellowships – EDCTP-TDR Clinical Research and Development Fellowships
  • Fellowships – Senior Fellowships
  • Fellowships – EDCTP-GSK Senior Fellowships for co-morbidities between poverty-related diseases and non-communicable diseases
  • Targeting control and elimination of NIDs through product-focused implementation research
  • Targeting control and elimination of NIDs through clinical trials
  • Treatment innovations for poverty-related diseases
  • Strategic actions supporting large-scale clinical trials