8 July 2016

EDCTP awards 2016 now open to nominations

The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) invites nominations to the following awards: Scientific Leadership Award, Outstanding Female Scientist Award and Outstanding Research Team Award. These awards aim to promote African-European scientific research collaboration, and will reward outstanding…

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6 July 2016

Announcement of 2016 calls for proposals

In 2016, EDCTP will launch nine calls for proposals to support clinical research and related activities. These calls are worth approximately € 138.6 M in research against poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases. The launch of these calls follows from the…

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4 July 2016

Public consultation on the second EDCTP programme in 2014-2016

Update 17 October 2016: Deadline of Public Consultation extended till 15 November 2016. A public consultation regarding ‘the implementation of the Second European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership Programme (EDCTP2) during the period 2014-2016’ was opened by the European…

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23 June 2016

Fit for Health 2.0 to organise a webinar on grant agreement preparation for EDCTP2 projects

Fit for Health 2.0 will host a webinar to address the challenges of negotiating the grant and consortium agreement for projects funded under the second EDCTP programme (EDCTP2). This online session is free of charge and will take place on…

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22 June 2016

EDCTP 2016 stakeholder meetings on Diarrhoeal Diseases & Lower Respiratory Tract Infections

EDCTP will hold two stakeholder meetings on Diarrhoeal Diseases and Lower Respiratory Tract Infections on 5 and 6 July, respectively. These meetings for invited experts will take place in the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Conference Center at Schiphol, the Netherlands. Their…

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3 June 2016

Eighth EDCTP Forum: registration opens, sponsorship opportunities and call for scientific symposia

EDCTP is pleased to announce that registrations to attend the Eighth EDCTP Forum are now open. Additionally, EDCTP invites interested organisations to sponsor the event, and welcomes proposals for scientific symposia to be presented at the Forum. The Eighth EDCTP…

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25 April 2016

World Malaria Day 2016: joining forces to end malaria

There has been remarkable progress made in malaria control based on current World health Organisation estimates. Nonetheless, there is still much to be done in the fight against malaria in malaria prevention, diagnostic testing and treatment. The European & Developing Countries…

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20 April 2016

Abstract submission for the Eighth EDCTP Forum is now open

EDCTP is pleased to announce that as of today the service for submission of abstracts for the Eighth Forum is open. Till 24 June 2016, we welcome abstracts for presentation at the EDCTP Forum in Lusaka, Zambia, from 6-9 November…

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24 March 2016

World TB Day 2016: Uniting to end the childhood TB epidemic

In 2015 tuberculosis (TB) became the world’s deadliest infectious disease, currently causing the death of 1.5 million people per year. Every year around 10 million people develop TB; 1 million of them are children under the age of 14. Only…

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17 March 2016

Joep Lange Institute for global healthcare improvement officially launched

The Joep Lange Institute (JLI) was officially inaugurated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 15 March 2016. High-level speakers and participants from civil society, industry, politics and global health research backgrounds attended. JLI is “an activist institute, inspired by the life…

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10 March 2016

PREGACT: Safety and efficacy of four artemisinin-based combination treatments in African pregnant women with malaria

The results of the clinical trial PREGACT were published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 10 March 2016. The study was conducted to compare four antimalarial drug combinations for treating pregnant women. The authors concluded that based on…

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12 February 2016

Ebola grantees have begun collaborations

Grantees recently selected to conduct a range of research from basic science to implementation research, including capacity development and models of clinical care, have met for an Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) workshop on 10-11 February 2016 in Ghana to share…

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21 December 2015

Farewell Letter from Charles Mgone, EDCTP Executive Director

After almost a decade at the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP), it is an appropriate time for me to move on. My tenure at the organisation has been very rewarding and enjoyable, and I extend my sincere…

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9 December 2015

EDCTP receives Science Diplomacy Award at South African Science Forum

At the Science Forum South Africa 2015, EDCTP received the Science Diplomacy Award in the category that recognises “an international science partnership which has made an outstanding contribution to human capital development.” The award was given by the Hon. Naledi…

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1 December 2015

World AIDS day 2015: EDCTP’s past and future investments

In its first programme, ending in December 2015, the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) has contributed to the fight against HIV/AIDS by funding clinical research involving a broad spectrum of interventions, paying special attention to vulnerable and…

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24 November 2015

New EDCTP-TDR Clinical Research and Development Fellowships awarded

A total of 18 product development clinicians from 9 low- and middle-income countries have been awarded clinical research and development fellowships. These fellows are supported by TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, and will be…

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20 November 2015

Pyramax® approved as antimalarial for treatment of multiple episodes of malaria

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) published today a positive scientific opinion on Pyramax®, a once-daily, 3-day treatment for uncomplicated malaria. The new label allows it to be used for treating multiple episodes of malaria in the same person after registration in malaria-endemic…

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19 November 2015

Two HIV paediatric formulas safe and highly effective at protecting infants during breastfeeding up to 12 months after birth

A study published in The Lancet today, shows that two liquid formulas of HIV drugs are safe and highly effective at protecting infants from infection while they are breastfed by their HIV-positive mothers, including in the 6-12 month period after…

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9 November 2015

EDCTP invites nominations for Dr Pascoal Mocumbi Prize

The Dr Pascoal Mocumbi Prize will reward an individual in recognition of his/her outstanding achievements in advancing health research and research capacity development in Africa with significant impact on the wellbeing of the African population. The prize consists of a…

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6 November 2015

Grantees selected to build Ebola research capacity

Six institutions in Africa and Europe have been awarded funding to strengthen capacity in sub-Saharan Africa to conduct high quality health research during health emergencies and/or epidemic outbreaks. The grants were developed in response to the Ebola virus disease (EVD)…

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23 October 2015

Re-treating malaria with Pyramax®: WANECAM study supports safety and efficacy

Interim data from a clinical trial led by the West African Network for Clinical Trials of Antimalarial Drugs (WANECAM) published online in The Lancet Infectious Diseases today, supports the safety and efficacy of the artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) Pyramax® (pyronaridine-artesunate)…

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20 October 2015

Save the date - Eighth EDCTP Forum from 6-9 November 2016

EDCTP’s Eighth Forum will take place in Lusaka, Zambia from 6 to 9 November 2016. EDCTP invites all stakeholders to support and attend this conference and requests all interested parties to save this date.

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15 October 2015

Announcement of remaining 2015 Calls for Proposals

In October and November 2015, EDCTP will launch five calls for proposals: Ethics and regulatory capacities EDCTP-TDR Clinical Research and Capacity Development Fellowships EDCTP Regional Networks Senior Fellowships Career Development Fellowships   The launch of these calls follows from the…

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13 October 2015

G7 Ministers of Science Commit to Fight Neglected and Poverty-Related Diseases

On 8 and 9 October 2015, the G7 Ministers of Science met in Berlin, Germany to discuss coordination of research efforts regarding global issues of health, the (marine) environment and clean energy. In their statement of 9 October, the Ministers…

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12 October 2015

CHAPAS-3 trial confirms high efficacy of WHO-preferred abacavir plus lamivudine ART in children

The EDCTP-funded CHAPAS-3 trial is the first randomised controlled trial in African children to compare three ‘backbones’ for antiretroviral treatment (ART) regimens. All regimens were shown to have low toxicity and good clinical, immunological, and virological responses. This trial provides…

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24 August 2015

European and African clinical research on poverty-related and neglected diseases, 2003-2011 - a bibliometric analysis

On 11 August 2015 PLOS neglected tropical diseases published the research article ‘Bibliometric assessment of European and sub-Saharan African research output on poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases from 2003-2011’ by authors from EDCTP and Thomson Reuters. Today, EDCTP publishes the…

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10 August 2015

EDCTP Annual Report 2014 available online

The online summary EDCTP Annual Report 2014 “Starting EDCTP2” is now available on the website. It offers an updated overview of all EDCTP projects of the first programme and describes the efforts to prepare for the second programme (EDCTP2) which…

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14 July 2015

Dr Michael Makanga designated as next EDCTP Executive Director

During its last meeting, the General Assembly of the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) selected Dr Michael Makanga to succeed Professor Charles Mgone as Executive Director. Prof. Mgone, who has been Executive Director for eight years, had…

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24 April 2015

World Malaria Day 2015: funding research to close the gaps

According to the WHO World Malaria Report 2014, 198 million cases of malaria occurred globally in 2013 and the disease led to 584,000 deaths. The burden is heaviest in sub-Saharan Africa, where an estimated 90% of all malaria deaths occur….

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24 March 2015

World Tuberculosis Day 2015

In May 2014, at the World Health Assembly, governments agreed on an ambitious new 20-year (2016-2035) strategy to end the global TB epidemic. According to the Stop TB Partnership “there is a critical need to address weaknesses in countries’ health…

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