9 July 2019

EDCTP2 Grants Manual July 2019

13 June 2019

Articles of Association (2019) - EDCTP Association

This an unofficial English translation of the Articles of Association (in Dutch) of the EDCTP Association established in 2014, as amended on 22 May 2019.

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4 June 2019

EDCTP Communication Strategy 2014-2024 (version May 2019)

29 May 2019

EDCTP2 Grants manual

The EDCTP2 Grants manual – version 6, 27 May 2019 – gives guidance to applicants for funding. Disclaimer: This manual is for information only and does not constitute a legally binding document. The legal basis for information in this manual…

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27 May 2019

EDCTP2 Annual work plan 2019

The EDCTP Annual work plan describes the EDCTP activities, including all its calls for proposals, in 2019. The work plan 2019 was approved by the European Commission and the EDCTP Association on 22 May 2019.

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15 February 2019

EDCTP Strategic research agenda -version 3- February 2019

The Strategic Research Agenda gives an overview of EDCTP research funding priorities. Priorities are set in relation to EDCTP’s mission to accelerate the development of new or improved medical interventions against poverty-related infectious diseases and strengthen clinical research capacity in…

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24 August 2015

European and African clinical research: a bibliometric analysis of publications within the scope of EDCTP2 2003-2011

30 April 2015

EDCTP Corporate brochure 2015

12 March 2015

High-level launch event for the second EDCTP programme - Report

17 November 2014

Seventh EDCTP Forum - Proceedings

23 September 2014

EDCTP Stakeholder meeting on Capacity Development - Report

18 September 2014

Assessment of the performance and impact of the first EDCTP programme

15 September 2014

Current state of health research on poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa

17 February 2014

EDCTP Stakeholder meeting on HIV/AIDS - Report

13 February 2014

EDCTP Stakeholder meeting on tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections - Report