The European Commission (EC) has awarded EDCTP a grant to prepare for the transition to a second EDCTP programme under Horizon 2020. The agreement was signed in February 2012. The project is called “EDCTP-Plus: Laying the Foundations for the EDCTP2 Programme”. Its activities will be carried out in the period 2012-2013. The EDCTP2 programme is anticipated to take off in January 2014.

The aim of the project is to maintain an active presence of the EU-Africa research partnership and to lay the foundation for efficiently implementing and managing the EDCTP2 programme with its expanded scope and budget.

The EDCTP-Plus project will enable EDCTP to continue to support its capacity strengthening and networking activities, to prepare for greater coordination of European research activities within its expanded scope, and to prepare the organisation for a flying start of the second programme. 

Objectives of EDCTP-Plus
The objectives of the project are:

  1. To develop integration and funding strategies through cooperation between national programmes. This includes mapping of programmes and research activities to address the major poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases;
  2. To enhance future cooperation and synergy with industry including Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), like-minded organisations, non-EDCTP partner countries and other funding agencies and stakeholders working on poverty related and neglected infectious diseases;
  3. To sustain the capacity development, coordination and networking activities undertaken by the current EDCTP programme in coordination with other organisations. This includes offering continued support to the developing ethics and regulatory framework, the Pan-Clinical Trial Registry and the regional Networks of Excellence;
  4. To increase visibility of EDCTP achievements and impact;
  5. To improve and update EDCTP's operational processes and systems in view of the expected expansion of remit and budget of the programme;
  6. To develop a robust evaluation framework for monitoring and evaluating the impact of EDCTP2.

Grant identification
The award is a named beneficiary grant under the FP7 programme
The funding scheme is ‘Coordination and support action’ (call: FP7-Adhoc-2007-13)
The grant agreement has no: 304786
The project title is: EDCTP-Plus: laying the foundations for the EDCTP2 programme