Stakeholder meetings

A second phase of the EDCTP Programme (EDCTP2) is expected to start in 2014 as part of Horizon 2020. The primary focus of EDCTP will be the support of phase II and III randomised controlled trials that have the potential to advance the field substantially. In particular, multicentre multinational trials that are beyond the resources of a single funding agency will be prioritised. Smaller scale clinical trials, including phase I and II, will be supported where there is an absence of funding alternatives, and where the product under investigation has the potential to make an impact on the objectives of EDCTP. EDCTP will also support phase IV studies to ensure that products which have shown promise in phase III trials can be developed effectively for implementation within national or regional health strategies. Closer collaboration with industry, product development partners and development agencies will be sought. Collaborative research with other developing countries outside sub-Saharan Africa may be supported, when possible and desirable.

As part of the preparatory process for EDCTP2, a series of thematic stakeholder meetings were planned to shape its strategy and funding approach. EDCTP held separate stakeholder meetings on Malaria, Tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections, HIV/AIDS, Neglected Infectious Diseases (NIDs), and Ethics and regulatory affairs. A stakeholder meeting on capacity building will be held in 2014.

The stakeholder meetings are based on disease and activity specific themes with the following objectives:

  1. To identify and review the current research issues, interventions, products in development and  key players in the field
  2. To ensure that EDCTP remains focused on the most pressing research needs, the most promising opportunities, and aligns its strategic planning and funding approaches accordingly
  3. To identify priority areas for future calls for proposals
  4. To identify interested and potential partners to collaborate with in the execution of future EDCTP activities
  5. To harness the efforts of EDCTP stakeholders in order to promote integration of national programmes of EDCTP European partner states and strengthen the partnership with African researchers.

Participants at these meetings included researchers from academia, representatives of product development partnerships (PDPs) and pharmaceutical industry, policymakers, funding agencies and other like-minded organisations, and representatives of EDCTP and its constituents namely, the Secretariat, General Assembly (GA) and the Interim Scientific Advisory Committee (Interim SAC). Attendance were by invitation only.

Hosting and funding of stakeholder meetings
The stakeholder meetings were partly financed through the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) grant and partly by the EDCTP European partner states who have offered to host these meetings.

Stakeholder meetings


Research field


27-28 June 2013

Neglected infectious diseases

The Hague, Netherlands

3-4 September 2013


Lisbon, Portugal

19-20 September 2013


Vienna, Austria

28-29 October 2013

Tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections

Paris, France

28 November 2013


Antwerp, Belgium

29 November 2013

Regulatory affairs

Antwerp, Belgium

3 July 2014

Capacity Building

Berlin, Germany


Agenda setting and planning
The Secretariat in consultation with the Interim SAC has identified some thematic priority areas that contributed to the background documentation. Chairpersons and key note speakers with an in-depth and broad knowledge in the various fields were identified for these meetings. The meeting format included scene setting plenary sessions and open discussion sessions followed by focussed generation of meeting recommendations. Organising committees comprising EDCTP Secretariat, Interim SAC, GA, EC and independent experts, were set up for each of the stakeholders meetings.

Expected meeting outcomes
Reports will be produced for each meeting as the final output. A public platform for views and feedback from the research community was also set up in parallel. Please consult the stakeholder meeting pages to access the available reports and the feedback from the online consultations.

The final recommendations are expected to contribute towards the EDCTP strategy and operational business plan on:

  • Priority research topics for calls for proposals
  • Proposals for development of cooperative projects
  • Products in the pipeline for evaluation by EDCTP
  • Focused capacity building initiatives
  • Proposals for funding partnerships.