EDCTP-AREF Preparatory Fellowships – 2018

The purpose of the joint EDCTP-Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) Preparatory Fellowships is to enhance the competitiveness of up-and-coming post-doctoral African scientists and clinicians aspiring to win international /regional /national fellowships or grant support. This is realised through short-term placements at host organisations in the European Union States, in countries associated to Horizon 2020 or in Sub-Saharan Africa. The home organisation contracts the host organisation.

Call identifier: TMA2018PF
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Fellow: Dr Edith Majonga
Cardiovascular disease in adolescents with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa

Biomedical Research and Training Institute (BRTI), Harare, Zimbabwe
Host organisation: University College London, United Kingdom
Starting date: 01 September 2020
Duration: 09 months
Grant amount: EUR 38,709
Grant agreement: TMA2018PF-2533