Mobilisation of research funds in case of public health emergencies (2018)

On 29 August 2018, monitoring the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), WHO assessed the public health risk to be high at the national and regional levels. The EDCTP Association then decided to activate the emergency funding mechanism to support projects as part of the European response to the emergency.
In September, proposals were invited for research activities in DRC and neighbouring countries to manage and/or prevent the spread of this EVD outbreak in DRC. Proposals were to address urgent research questions in the context of the EVD outbreak, in alignment with the national priorities of the DRC and neighbouring countries, and in partnership with researchers and institutions in these countries. Five projects received a go-ahead on 24 September. Read more here.

Call identifier: RIA2018EF

Leveraging capacity for early-phase clinical trials for filoviruses in Uganda

Infectious Diseases Institute Limited (IDI), Kampala, Uganda with partners from Italy and the United Kingdom.
Project coordinator: Dr Mohammed Lamorde, IDI, Uganda
Starting date: 01 February 2019
Duration: 18 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 500,000
Grant agreement: RIA2018EF-2083

Epidemic preparedness and risk assessment for Ebola virus disease outbreaks in the Republic of the Congo

Fondation congolaise pour la recherche médicale (FCRM), Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, with partners from France, Gabon, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
Project coordinator: Professor Francine Ntoumi, FCRM, Republic of the Congo
Starting date: 01 October 2018
Duration: 24 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 500,000
Grant agreement: RIA2018EF-2082

Mobile point-of-care diagnostic testing for Ebola virus disease in DRC

University of Stirling (UoS), Stirling, United Kingdom with partners from Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Germany, and Senegal.
Project coordinator: Professor Manfed W. Weidmann, UoS, United Kingdom
Starting date: 01 January 2019
Duration: 24 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 498,507
Grant agreement: RIA2018EF-2089