Senior Fellowships – 2017

The purpose of this grant scheme is to support capacity development of potential African research leaders (train-the trainer approach) who can mentor junior researchers with an emphasis on hands-on research training linked to clinical trials activities conducted in sub-Saharan Africa. The objectives of the grant scheme are 1) to support senior researchers to advance themselves as recognised research leaders in clinical trial research and related activities, and 2) equip senior researchers with the necessary skills and experience to train and mentor junior researchers at host institutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Call identifier: TMA2017SF

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BioStat-LAB Africa
Senior Fellow: Prof. Maia Lesosky
Biostatistical methods for longitudinal analysis of burden of lung health and tuberculosis in Africa

University of Cape Town (UCT), Cape Town, South Africa
Starting date: 1 December 2018
Duration: 60 months
Grant amount: EUR 499,926
Grant agreement: TMA2017SF-1959
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Senior Fellow: Dr George Kyei
Identification of novel HIV reactivation agents: towards building translational HIV cure research infrastructure in Ghana

University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana
Starting date: 1 May 2019
Duration: 60 months
Grant amount: EUR 499,125
Grant agreement: TMA2017SF-1955

IMARI Africa
Senior Fellow: Dr Jonny Peter
Immune-mediated adverse drug reactions in African TB HIV endemic settings

University of Cape Town Lung Institute (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa
Starting date: 1 March 2019
Duration: 60 months
Grant amount: EUR 498,647
Grant agreement: TMA2017SF-1981

Senior Fellow: Dr Pauline Byakika-Kibwika
Optimising malaria treatment for HIV-malaria co-infected individuals by addressing drug interactions between artimisinin-based combination therapies and anti-retroviral drugs

Infectious Diseases Institute Limited  (IDI), Kampala, Uganda
Starting date: 1 April 2019
Duration: 60 months
Grant amount: EUR 499,999
Grant agreement: TMA2017SF-1943

Senior Fellow: Dr Derseree Archary
Effect of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) on immune responses systematically and mucosally in healthy individuals in the CAPRISA 082 study (PrEP Underlying Mucosal-immunity Before/After)

Centre for the Aids Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), Durban, South Africa
Starting date: 1 February 2019
Duration: 60 months
Grant amount: EUR 500,000
Grant agreement: TMA2017SF-1960

Senior Fellow: Dr Catherine Riou
Deciphering the immunological signature of the TB spectrum from infection to disease

University of Cape Town (UCT), Cape Town, South Africa
Starting date: 1 April 2019
Duration: 60 months
Grant amount: EUR 499,998
Grant agreement: TMA2017SF-1951
EDCTP Senior Fellowship for CIDRI-Africa Contributing Investigator Dr Catherine Riou