Targeting control and elimination of NIDs through product-focused implementation research – 2017

The objective of this call for proposals was to provide funding for product-focused post-registration implementation studies for neglected infectious diseases (NIDs) in sub-Saharan Africa.

EDCTP acknowledges cash contributions for this call from the Leprosy Research Initiative.


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Impact of increased praziquantel frequency on childhood fibrosis in persistent schistosomiasis morbidity hotspots

Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge (UCAM), Cambridge, United Kingdom with partners from Denmark, Uganda, and the United Kingdom
Project coordinator: Dr Shona Wilson (UCAM), United Kingdom
Starting date: 1 August 2018
Duration: 48 months
Grant amount: EUR 3,030,929
Grant agreement: RIA2017NIM-1842
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Chemoprophylaxis for leprosy: comparing the effectiveness and feasibility of a skin camp intervention to a health centre-based intervention. An implementation trial in Mozambique, Ethiopia and Tanzania

Nederlandse Stichting voor Leprabestrijding (NLR), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with partners from Ethiopia, Germany, Mozambique, the Netherlands, and Tanzania
Project coordinator: Ms. Liesbeth Mieras (NLR), the Netherlands
Starting date: 1 October 2018
Duration: 52 months
Grant amount: EUR 3,198,356
Grant agreement: RIA2017NIM-1839
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Post exposure prophylaxis for leprosy in the Comoros and Madagascar

Prins Leopold Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde (ITM), Antwerp, Belgium, with partners from Belgium, France, Madagascar, and the Netherlands
Project coordinator: Prof. Bouke de Jong (ITM), Belgium
Starting date: 1 September 2018
Duration: 48 months
Grant amount: EUR 2,999,479
Grant agreement: RIA2017NIM-1847
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