Strategic action for the comparison, selection and development of malaria vaccine candidates – 2018

This Call for proposals supports large-scale strategic actions (clinical research) that are part of a bigger portfolio of clinical trials with the capacity to compare and select the most promising malaria vaccine candidates, and manage their progress through clinical development. This will be achieved by establishing an objective set of stage-gate criteria that can be used for comparing and evaluating a diverse set of vaccine candidates developed by different research groups, with the aim of bringing them together in a joint portfolio.

Rapid evaluation of Plasmodium falciparum transmission-blocking vaccine (PfTBV) candidates through enhanced African resource centres (ARC) for integration into malaria control and elimination

Université des Science, des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako (USTTB), Bamako, Mali, with partners in Burkina Faso, Denmark, Guinea, Liberia, the Netherlands, and the United States of America.
Project coordinator: Dr Issaka Sagara (USTTB)
Starting date: 01 January 2019
Duration: 68 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 17,999,992
Grant agreement: RIA2018SV-2311