Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of internal control principles, including reviewing financial, operational, and compliance controls, as well as risk management systems. The specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Approving the audit strategy prepared by the Secretariat, including site visits and internal audit plans
  • Reviewing the audited financial statements of the Association, including the annual statutory accounts, providing  advice on whether the audited financial statements are properly presented  and the significant financial reporting judgments contained in them
  • Maintaining an appropriate relationship with the Association’s auditors
  • Reviewing external auditor’s management letters and ensuring that corrective actions are taken by the Secretariat to address the weaknesses identified
  • Making recommendations to the GA on the appointment, reappointment, and removal of external auditors
  • Approving the selection of auditees for site visits and reviewing site visit reports
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the external audit process
  • Reviewing the association’s internal financial controls and risk management systems, including preventing frauds, responding to frauds and whistle-blowing procedures
  • Approving the Association’s statements for internal control and risk management.

Audit Committee members

  • Ms Shaila Hari (South Africa) – Chair
  • Prof. Nkandu Luo (Zambia)
  • Mr Mark Radford (United Kingdom)
  • Dr Papa M. Tandia (Senegal)
  • Mr Carles Soriano Aicart (France)