EDCTP2 Projects

How to explore EDCTP-funded projects?

The Public portal of the EDCTP2 grants system presents all required public information on the projects funded under the second EDCTP programme. The portal is continuously updated and offers many search options. The information displayed includes a project abstract and information on all recipients of EDCTP funding.

The EDCTP2 online project portfolio (2014-2019) offers easy access to the EDCTP portfolio. Project summaries focus on the challenge, the response and the impact aimed for.

Quick access to basic project information including grant identifiers,  is available in the Overview of EDCTP2 Projects by year by call.
The overview is continuously updated.

How to manage EDCTP2 projects?

How to find EDCTP1 projects?

The EDCTP1 Portfolio of grants 2003-2015 gives an in-depth overview of all projects funded under EDCTP1 (2004-2015). The document contains much technical information and references to publications that resulted from the projects.