Guidance for applicants: templates, guides and policies

All templates, guides, reference and legal documents, necessary for an application to EDCTP Calls for proposals will be accessible via this page after the 2020 calls are published on the website.

Please consult these documents thoroughly before sending questions to EDCTP. On a general note of advice, please do not wait to apply until the last days or moments before the call will close.

Financial guidelines for grantees

These guidelines are relevant to most budget questions.


The main objectives of this document are:

  • To provide a quick reference and easy-to-follow guide for beneficiaries of EDCTP funding;
  • To ensure consistency in the financial management of EDCTP grants;
  • To act as a reference document for external auditors and other stakeholders in carrying out financial audits or other reviews of EDCTP-funded projects.

Please note: These guidelines have been prepared to supplement the Grant Agreement by providing an explanation of the accounting policies, financial reporting, and budgeting requirements. However, in the event conflict arises between these guidelines and the Grant Agreement, the latter takes precedence.

Contact for further questions

Steps you can take to get your questions answered:

  1. Please consult the FAQs on Calls for proposals first;
  2. For call-specific questions, contact via email the EDCTP Project Officer indicated in the call text.
    Please note that EDCTP staff can comment on points of procedure but cannot advise you on the content of your proposal, its eligibility and fit with the call topic.
  3. For technical questions and issues about the grant management system (EDCTPgrants) and the online application submission, please consult first the Guidelines for applicants.
  4. For general questions about EDCTP, contact us via