Coordination of TB vaccine funded research

EDCTP has awarded €51.18 million to support the development of vaccines for tuberculosis (TB) through four collaborative research projects:

  • POR TB (coordinated by Statens Serum Institute, Denmark)
  • priMe (coordinated by Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH, Germany)
  • MTBVAC – Newborns (coordinated by Biofabri SL, Spain)
  • MTBVACN3 (coordinated by Biofabri SL, Spain).

To enhance the coordination and collaboration between these projects and future EDCTP TB vaccine-funded research, EDCTP initiated a coordination project that is being implemented by the TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI).

The project supports activities to promote collaboration among the different partners and institutions involved in the EDCTP-funded TB vaccines projects as well as with the broader TB vaccine research community in Africa and Europe. The overall goal is maximising the output and impact of the research funded by EDCTP while contributing to the development of EDCTP’s strategy and the global TB vaccine portfolio.

As part of this activity, a set of online open-access guidance documents have been developed and are available in the section Guidance and templates.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive overview of trial sites in sub-Saharan Africa and their capacity to conduct studies on TB vaccines in the section Directory of TB vaccine clinical trial sites in sub-Saharan Africa.