EDCTP Knowledge Hub

The EDCTP Knowledge Hub is an online platform with resources for researchers conducting clinical research in low-resource settings.


The platform’s tools are designed to help researchers develop research questions into a protocol, adopt gold-standard clinical data management practices, and support awareness and capacity development around data sharing. The platform is suited to all health research groups and aims to facilitate high-quality clinical research in poverty-related diseases.

The EDCTP Knowledge Hub includes interactive and comprehensive toolkits designed to cover the essential steps of a clinical health research study and support researchers to accelerate progress in health research.

The platform was developed by The Global Health Network and is funded by the EDCTP2 programme under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Co-funding from the Swedish government is also gratefully acknowledged.

EDCTP Knowledge Hub components

  • Protocol Development Toolkit

    Protocol development is an essential first step in turning your research question into a study. This Protocol Development Toolkit has been developed to support researchers in this process, to provide the tools and guidance to produce a high-quality health research Protocol.

  • Data Management Portal

    The Data Management Portal has been developed to provide support to researchers to ensure that high-quality data management is fully considered, and planned for, from the outset and throughout the life of a research project.

  • Data Sharing Toolkit

    Data sharing, particularly of potentially sensitive information, is not always straightforward. To support researchers during the process we have created this Data Sharing Toolkit, collating practical information and resources related to the topic.


  • Webinar: Protocol development

    Watch now the recording of the webinar organised by EDCTP and The Global Health Network focusing on the tools and guidance available on the EDCTP Knowledge Hub for protocol development.

  • Webinar: Data management and data sharing

    Watch now the recording of the webinar organised by EDCTP and The Global Health Network focusing on the data management and data sharing tools available on the EDCTP Knowledge Hub.