Prof. Christian Burri

Professor Christian Burri, PhD, MPharm, Dipl SwAPP, is a member of the Directorate of the Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Head of the Department of Medicines Research and Professor for pharmacy & clinical pharmacology at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Basel, Switzerland. For 20 years he has been involved in the management and conduct of clinical trials on drugs and vaccines against neglected tropical and poverty-related diseases. The trials are mainly executed in low-income countries, but also in Europe.

Prof. Burri has significantly contributed to the improved treatment of parasitic diseases with a particular passion for studying sleeping sickness (human African trypanosomiasis). In addition to his contributions to the conduct of clinical trials he has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers, numerous reviews and book chapters. From 2000 to 2011, he built up and directed the Institute’s academic CRO (PMU) specialized in the management of clinical trials on drugs and vaccines against tropical and poverty-related diseases. From 2000 to 2008, he was also deputy head of the Swiss Centre for International Health, a position providing substantial insight into various aspects of public and international health. Since 2011, he has been responsible for the Department’s Research Cluster active in translational research projects in drug development, epidemiology and public health, and in clinical trial methodology.

Trained as a pharmacist at the University of Bern, Switzerland, Prof. Burri holds a PhD in medical parasitology from the University of Basel and received post-doctoral training in molecular pharmacology at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, United States. He holds a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals (SwAPP) since 2000.