IAS2017 Sponsored Symposium: Coinfections associated with high mortality in severely immunocompromised HIV patients

26 July 2017 - 26 July 2017
Room 242
Type of event International meeting
Scope HIV

Sponsored by EDCTP in partnership with ANRS

Despite significant strides in HIV management, coinfections are often the direct cause of mortality in severely immunocompromised HIV-positive individuals in sub-Saharan Africa. Due partly to these patients’ immune status, such coinfections can result in unique public health challenges in diagnosis and treatment, especially in resource-limited settings with high multiple disease burden. Major obstacles to effective coinfection management include overlapping toxicities, altered treatment efficacy due to drug-drug interactions, difficulties in medication adherence, and difficulties/delays in diagnosis; for some diseases, there is also a paucity of diagnostic and treatment tools. The symposium will highlight recent advances in HIV/tuberculosis and HIV/cryptococcal coinfections, showcase EDCTP/ANRS-funded projects and present the funding strategy in this area. The following themes will be covered: (1) quantitative diagnostics, (2) advances in efficacious, low toxicity treatments and (3) implementation of treatment algorithms to reduce mortality.


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Chairperson: Andrew Kambugu, Makerere University, Uganda

07:00  Brief introduction to EDCTP and ANRS: Description of ongoing projects and funding opportunitiesChristy Comeaux, European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)François Dabis, French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS)
07:10 Driving REduced AIDS-associated Meningo-encephalitis Mortality in routine care settings in Africa: Update on the DREAMM projectAngela Loyse, Meningitis Group, St George’s University of London
07:22 High Dose AMBISOME on a Fluconazole Backbone for Cryptococcal Meningitis Induction Therapy in sub-Saharan Africa: A Randomised Controlled Non-inferiority TrialJoseph Jarvis, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
07:34 Decreasing mortality in HIV-infected adults with severe immune suppression: The STATIS (ANRS 12290) randomized trialFrançois-Xavier Blanc, Nantes University Hospital
07:46 Reducing mortality among advanced stage HIV-infected persons and the translation of a life saving package of care to inform scale-up in real-life settings in sub-Saharan AfricaSayoki Mfinanga, Muhimbili Medical Research Centre, National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR)
07:58 Discussion, led by Chair