EDCTP Annual Report 2017 – Maintaining momentum

14 September 2018

EDCTP published its Annual Report 2017: Maintaining momentum. Since 2014 until the end of 2017, we have awarded 124 grants with an estimated total value of €255.9 million. This includes funding for 32 multicentre clinical trials, accounting for €195.24 million of our funding. These trials involve researchers from 35 sub-Saharan Africa countries and 16 European countries.

“We have a strong focus on populations often excluded from clinical trials such as pregnant women and children.”

Dr Michael Makanga, EDCTP Executive Director

 Download the Annual Report 2017 (PDF)

EDCTP is a public–public partnership between 14 European and 16 African countries, supported by the European Union. Since the EDCTP2 programme was launched in 2014, we have extended and built upon the achievements of the first EDCTP programme, supporting studies that promise to have a major impact on poverty-related infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa and are enhancing the capacity of countries in sub-Saharan Africa to undertake clinical research.

EDCTP’s vision is to reduce the individual, social and economic burden of poverty-related infectious diseases by affecting sub-Saharan Africa. EDCTP’s mission is to accelerate the development of new or improved medicinal products for the identification, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, including emerging and re-emerging diseases, through pre- and postregistration clinical studies, with emphasis on phase II and III clinical trials. Our approach integrates conduct of research with development of African clinical research capacity and networking.

The second EDCTP programme is implemented by the EDCTP Association, supported under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.