Capacity development to facilitate delivery and uptake of new or improved medical interventions in African health systems – 2018

This Call for proposals supports actions that aim to facilitate the translation of research results of medical interventions into policies and practices for national health programmes in order to strengthen health systems.

Call identifier: CSA2018HS

Malaria mass and focal drug administration to advance malaria elimination in Mozambique: accelerating programmatic implementation and policy translation

Fundaçao Manhiça (FM), Maputo, Mozambique, with partners in Mozambique and Spain
Project coordinator: Dr Pedro Aide (FM)
Starting date: 01 April 2020
Duration: 48 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 2,217,739
Grant agreement: CSA2018HS-2522

Blockchain high-coverage rabies post-exposure prophylaxis to achieve zero human rabies deaths in Africa

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), Basel, Switzerland, with partners from Côte d’Ivoire, France, Mali and Switzerland
Project coordinator: Prof. Jacob Zinsstag (Swiss TPH)
Starting date: 01 April 2020
Duration: 48 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 2,250,000
Grant agreement:  CSA2018HS-2517

Capacity development to facilitate the delivery and uptake of fexinidazole for the elimination of Human African Trypanosomiasis

Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), Geneva, Switzerland, with partners in Belgium, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, and Guinea
Project coordinator: Dr Florent Mbo (DNDi)
Starting date: 01 February 2020
Duration: 48 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 2,249,961
Grant agreement: CSA2018HS-2526

Integrated HIV/HTN
Leveraging the HIV platform for hypertension control in Uganda

Infectious Diseases Research Collaboration Ltd (IDRC), Kampala, Uganda, with partners from Uganda and the United Kingdom
Project coordinator: Ms. Jane Kabami (IDRC)
Starting date: 01 March 2020
Duration: 60 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 2,249,975
Grant agreement: CSA2018HS-2518

Optimising the impact of Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention: improving delivery and building capacity for evaluation

Université de Thiès (UT), Thiès, Senegal, with partners from Switzerland and the United Kingdom
Project coordinator: Prof. Jean Louis Ndiaye (UT)
Starting date: 01 May 2020
Duration: 48 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 2,247,252
Grant agreement: CSA2018HS-2520

Revive IRTp
Revitalisation of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy in Kenya

Population Council (PC), Nairobi, Kenya, with a partner in Kenya
Project coordinator: Dr Harriet Birungi
Starting date: 01 March 2020
Duration: 60 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 2,250,000
Grant agreement: CSA2018HS-2521

Building capacity to address implementation challenges for sustainable access and delivery of new vaccines in Ghana

University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ghana, with partners in Ghana and Switzerland
Project coordinator: Prof.  Margaret Gyapong
Starting date: 01 November 2020
Duration: 60 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 2,127,775
Grant agreement: CSA2018HS-2528

Universally accessible HIV prevention technologies for African girls and young women through knowledge applied from behavioural economics: A behavioural science research to determine factors that facilitate future uptake of HIV prevention products and multi-purpose prevention technologies to prevent HIV and unwanted pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa

Stichting International AIDS Vaccine Initiative the Netherlands (Stichting IAVI), Amsterdam, the Netherlands with partners in Kenya and The United Kingdom
Project coordinator: Dr. Anatoli B. Kamali
Starting date: 01 November 2020
Duration: 36 months
EDCTP grant amount: EUR 2,239,590
Grant agreement: CSA2018HS-2525