BCA-WA ETHICS II: Guinea-Bissau National Research Ethics Committee website launched

In the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Health of Guinea-Bissau Dr Dionisio Cumba, BCA-WA-ETHICS II launched the first ever website and digital platform for the Guinea-Bissau National Health Research Ethics Committee (CNEPS). The launch event was attended by stakeholders from BCA-WA-ETHICS II, BERC-Luso, and the National Committee for Ethics in Health Research of Cape Verde (CNEPS). The website is expected to raise awareness about research ethics at a national level and allows researchers to learn more about the procedures of protocol submission. Protocol evaluation tools, integrating sex and gender considerations, are publicly available on the website. These tools have been created in collaboration with BCA-WA-ETHICS II and the Regional Research Ethics Committee of Aragon in Spain.

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